Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Splash Park

Summer is almost over and we are trying to get the final fun things in before school starts.  Now that Tate is starting Kindergarten I will be ruled by the school schedule.  Ugh!  Cole and I can still go out and play though during the day without the mass of kids.

One place Tate really wanted to go was the Frisco Commons Splash Park.  We found a day when Tyler could come with us and they had a great time.   Cole just ran all through the water.  He would let the water spray him in the face and just stand there and laugh.  So different than Tate was at the same age.

Tate was a great big brother.  He made sure Cole got really wet!

Tyler had a great time putting a cup over a spray of water and watching it shoot off.  He was basically done after about 15 minutes and wanted to eat.  After snacks he just walked around with me watching Tate and Cole.  He was too cold and done.  It was fun talking to him and hearing about his summer.
(Don't worry Lisa, it was all good things! LOL )  

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