Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Getting ready for School!

The time has finally come and I can't believe it!  Tate is starting Kindgergarten in less than 2 weeks.  It is exciting and scary that he is old enough for this but he is ready to start.  Last night we sat down as a family and discussed the changes that would be happening, ie. he would not just be waking up whenever and playing with toys until he was ready for breakfast.  We would be on a schedule so he would be able to get out the door on time.  I found a great Chore Chart site that had a morning checklist that he can look over while getting ready.

He was excited about having the reminders.  We started practicing today so he would be able to go through the motions before the first day.  We set out his clothes last night and to be honest I was quite surprised that he did in fact get dressed first thing this morning.  We made it through our first morning well and I am hoping this is a sign of good things to come!

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