Tuesday, August 14, 2012


So we have had to tackle some behavior issues lately with Tate.  It seems like we have a plan that works for a little while then we have to readjust after a few months.  Today I blog our newest readjustment!  (Stay tuned for future updates lol)  We allow 1 hour of TV and 1 hour of screen time a day.  Screen time is any video game, ipad, get the idea.  Tate really likes to play on the ipad and Wii so we are now allowing him the opportunity to earn an additional 30 minutes of either TV or screen time.  To do this he has to successfully complete his behavioral chart each day.  Right now there are 4 spots that we fill in each week.  Once school starts I will add a few more to take into account homework and having a good folder day.  I found a good chart on a website called Free Printable Behavior Charts.  They have alot of different designs.  We chose Jake for this week.

I like that I can write in my own behaviors for him to work on so as he improves on them I can change it to something else.  I have been surprised how the last few days he has really taken to this change.  Yesterday he was able to earn the extra 30 minutes but today he missed the opportunity right at bed time.  It made me sad that he almost made it but I believe it is important he fail periodically so he can fully appreciate how good it feels when he succeeds.  Although he was sad he gave me a big hug and said he loved me.  Ahhh, sniff, sniff...  :)

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