Friday, December 26, 2008


What a fun Christmas we had with Tate this year. It is amazing how slow it seems to take to come and how fast it is over. So much preparation for one day, but what a day! We were so excited to see Tate open his presents and of course he slept until 8:30. Scott wanted to wake him up, but we knew the most important thing was for him to be well rested so we would all enjoy the day! Scott had the video camera set up so we could record Tate come around the corner and seeing his Santa presents. He came to a complete stop when he saw Elmo and got a big smile. His favorite present was a set of cups that he could drink out of like a "big boy" and another set of cups to play with in the sink. The simple things in life that capture his attention! We hope all of you had as fun of a day as we did.

Tate loved his geo tracks.

Tate got a fuzzy backpack with a monkey. We immediately had to start running around the island pulling it behind us.

Cups! More water please.

There's Elmo. Thanks Santa!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


We were able to take a trip to Houston this weekend. We had so much fun. We went to the Children's Muesuem, a wedding, the aquarium and the beach. Tate was sooo good through it all. We had a great time at the beach.

Tate's favorite part of the trip was the beach. He just wanted to sit in the tide and slap at the water. He would move down as the tide went out.
Tate was getting cold so we brought him back to the towels to play. He sat down for about 30 seconds and then...
Up he went...
back to the water...
and back to slapping the water!!!

The Houston aquarium was really neat. There was a ferris wheel, train to the shark tank and a carousel. The fish were amazing. Some were bigger than Tate.
There was one exhibit where you were allowed to touch the fish. There was a place where Tate was able to go under it and look up at the fish. It was cute to see his little face below us.
On the train to see the sharks. We didn't get much expression out of Tate. We think he was just so tired. He was able to run around in the aquarium and he talked the entire time.
The ferris wheel was really fun.

The reason we went to Houston was to attend a wedding. Tate was napping when we got to the temple so I stayed with him while Scott went in. We didn't have anyone to watch him so I was glad he was able to nap and get prepared for the rest of his day.
The temple grounds were so beautiful.
Grandpa Knowles, check out Tate driving a classic Mustang!
There was the cutest car Tate was able to drive. He could push the gas, change tires and fill the tank with gas. There was also a really sweet girl in the car with him.
We started our day at the children's museum.

I love blueberries!!!


I'm Walking and I'm lovin it!
Tate in his new sandbox.
Feeding the ducks.
Tate and Tyler had fun following each other up the stairs.

Don't you just want to pinch those cheeks. So cute.
Easter with the cousins.

We got up early Easter morning and had a egg hunt at the park. It was a little chilly.

Tate Christmas

It snowed!!! March 6th and it snowed quite a bit.

Lisa took Tate and I to a very fun drive thru zoo. We were able to hand feed giraffes and see all sorts of animals. The ostrich was hysterical. It was so big and just brushed up against the van as it walked around. We had to drive slow so we didn't hit it.
Yes this is a giraffe eating food out of Connor's hand who is sitting on my lap.
The only thing between me and those zebras is a window. Whenever the zebras came close we hurried and rolled the windows up.

We were able to celebrate Trevor's birthday while he was here.
I think he liked it!
Sarah was such a big help with Tate. She is such a cutie.

Scott (yes Scott) has had soooo much fun with this toy.

My first trip to McDonalds.

Tate opening Christmas presents at home.

Grandma and I took Tate up the mountain to see snow.

Tate learned how to wave. He loved to sit at the end of the counter and wave at Grandma and Grandpa while they ate.

Grandma watched Tate while Grandpa, Scott and I went to a movie. A few days later we happened to look up and found baby food on the ceiling. So, what happened grandma?

Tate with Grandpa
We know Grandma Gloria loved to cook. Here is Tate trying out his first sweets. Pumpkin pie!
We took Tate to Cafe Rio. Scott let him try some of his chicken. The rest of the time we were there he kept grabbing Scott's hand searching for more chicken.

We were glad Tate had a chance to meet his Grandma Johnson.

We had a fun lunch with Aunt Viora. Grandma and Grandpa Johnson were also there. Christmas morning. Is this for me?

I love wheels.

We were able to see alot of Santas. This is Harley Santa. He drives around Burley on his Harley.

Tate's favorite toy at Christmas.
Santa ok from a distance.
Santa not ok when sitting on lap.
Gift from Santa
Thanks mom for making my gingerbread house!
Tate loved the grapes on Grandma's tree

Gingerbread day!
WalMart had a cute little area set up for pictures with Santa one day. We were nervous to see how Tate would do, but he loved Santa!
We had fun making gingerbread houses at Dan & Tami's house