Last month was our Relief Society Conference for the Frisco, TX Stake. We had a beautiful day full of classes and speakers who touched my heart. Our ward and The Colony ward were asked to be in charge of the centerpieces for the luncheon. The theme was from Proverbs 31:10, 'Who can find a Virtuous Woman.' We decided to have the centerpieces focus on the 10 virtues following that verse. On each table we displayed the theme and 1 virtue. We had a cake plate on each table to create height then added accessories that went along with the virtues. I wanted to make available the themes and virtues that we used. Hopefully I will have pictures soon of some of the tables.  Below each image is a URL for the download.

Each of these were mod podged onto blocks of wood that I purchased at Lowes, cut down to size and painted black.  The theme was an 8x8 block of wood.  If you end up doing the same, keep in mind the 8x8 size is before the wood is milled.  The actual size of this image is 7.5"x7.75" They would also of course look great in frames.

The size of this image is 6.875" x 5.125" Following Beauty there are 3 dots.  I ended up purchasing some round glue back rubies in the Scrapbooking section at Hobby Lobby that I placed on top of each dot.  This just added a little bling and dimension.

I can not forget to give credit to for their beautiful descriptions of each of the 10 Virtues.

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