Thursday, November 20, 2014

One Excited Boy

Today was an exciting day for Cole!  With the move this summer, a newborn and getting Cole fully potty trained we were not able to start preschool at the beginning of the year.  One of the hardest things was getting Cole potty trained!!

For those of you who do not know Cole there are 2 words that describe his personality. Independent and Stubborn.  I, of course, am neither of those things....  Tate was very easy to potty train.  There's the potty, sit on it, done!  Cole was an entirely another story.  We used every tactic out there and had so many helpful suggestions but it all boiled down to when Cole was ready.  I finally decided one week that Cole was ready (again I am not stubborn at all).  I was stocked on potty training juice and we said bye-bye to all diapers.  For 4 days Cole hardly ever left my side and if he did Hailey and I were on his tail!  After day 1 he was good on the potty but it was #2 that ended up being the issue.  Anyone who has ever had to clean out poopy underwear on a daily or several times a day basis understands the frustration Scott and I were feeling!  Lol!  Cole started losing privileges and we resorted to bribery.  The two biggest were he would get a slushy when he went in the potty and he could start pre-school!  Still weeks passed and he refused to poop in the potty.  His reason to why won't you go in the potty was "I don't know!'

A month or so ago I woke up and said ok, today is the day.  It's going to happen.  When Cole woke up I asked him if he was ready to be awesome and he said yeah.  I said it was the day he was going to poop on the potty and he was going to be awesome!  Needless to say, it didn't happen that day BUT it  did happen the next!!!  We woke up again and told him he was going to be awesome that day and he was!  Relief, tears, excitement all around.  Tate and I were in the loft jumping up and down while Cole was on the pot.  Who knew we could get so excited over poo!  Lol!  (I know you're glad there aren't any pics of this. You're welcome.)

So the privileges came pouring back.  Snowman blanket, toys, iPad time, a new Batman backpack and of course his slushy and preschool!  I had planned to wait until the beginning of the year but we decided he would have fun doing holiday activities with his class so off he went today.

We of course had to do the obligatory picture at the front door.  His favorite question?  "Why?"  So I can always remember this awesome day Cole.

When I asked him what he wanted to be when he grow up he answered "YOU!".  Heart melt.  He then continued to say he wanted to be a daddy which was also very sweet.  Love this boy.

 Another quirk of Cole's is his inability to look at the camera when taking a picture.  He LOVES to say cheese sometimes to the point where all the veins in his neck pop out but he does his best to not look at the camera!

So, another huge checkmark in the life of Cole.  He is growing up way too fast.  I love though that every day he wakes up and comes to give me my favorites (kisses and snuggles).

Enjoy your day and your Thanksgiving Feast!

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Lori & Stephen said...

So in love with that boy!!! How is he so big! Can't wait to see him in January and hear all about his adventures :)