Saturday, November 22, 2014

Break long time coming...

So usually by this time in the year I have finished one weekend of Christmas installs and am gearing up for a whole week and weekend of late nights, exhausting work and torn up hands.  I also get to spend the time with one of my favorite people making it all worth it.  This year however I was unable to do any of my installs.  Even though we had moved I had intended to fly back for the week but a 14 lb person made this impossible.  With Hailey not taking a bottle, my leaving was not an option.  I made the call to tell Kayla and apologized profusely.  She understood (or at least pretended to) and I promised to be there next year.  Then it started to set in.  I didn't have to work this year!  It is my first year off in 14 years.  I could sleep in the weekend after Thanksgiving instead of leaving at first light.  I could go and do fun things with my family instead of missing out.  As much as I have enjoyed doing installs over the years I am going to take this break and enjoy every minute of it.  Until next year Kayla!    

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Lisa said...

Enjoy your break and come early next year so we can see you! =)! XOXOXOXOXOX