Thursday, July 3, 2014

Moving Out and Moving On!!

In 2000 we moved to Texas with the intention of only staying 3-5 years.  Scott had graduated from college and accepted a job with a company he had interned with during one of his breaks.  I had actually always wanted to live in Texas (and have a cattle ranch) and was excited for a new adventure.  Well, those 3-5 years stretched into 14 years and we have loved it here!  Some of our best memories have been made here. 

All three of our children were born here. 


We bought our first house here.  

We spent so much time with family.

And we have made some amazing friends.  The time has come though for another change in our lives.  We will be moving to Utah in August.  We are excited about this opportunity although very sad to be leaving Texas, friends and family behind.  When making this decision we weighed our options.  With summer upon us it made the hot vs not so hot part easy!  Maybe if it had been winter time the decision would have been different.  Although, this last winter here with all the ice was kinda brutal!  We are looking forward to hiking in the mountains, spending time with grandparents in ID, visiting Temple Square at Christmastime and a trip to Disneyland next year.  Disneyland was one of my conditions if we were to move.  ;)   We are just going to adjust and spend vacations in Texas now instead of Idaho.  We just might not be coming in the summer.... 

Details now.  We have no idea where we are moving and as of right now I can't give you an exact date of when we are moving other then Scott starts Aug 11th.  Whether or not we are all there by then I have no idea.  We are moving forward with faith that all will work itself out.

So, to all our Texas friends, if you need a break from the heat feel free to come visit us!  To our Utah friends, we look forward to seeing you soon! 

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