Saturday, December 20, 2014

Center Stage...well side stage!

Cole had his first Christmas Program for school on Thursday.  He has been working sooo hard and has been serenading us daily with his songs.  He was very excited to be able to sing them to us which was funny because he did not sing NEARLY as well as he has in the car, tub, bed, table, basement.  You get the idea.  His teacher told them they could all wear pj's so he had them picked out and ready to go when he woke up.  They needed to be clean to go to school!  Lol.

We pulled Tate out of school early so he could come support his brother and Scott took a late lunch break.  Cole was of course adorable.  I took a video of every song but wish I had kept the video rolling after each song.  Some of the videos were too long so I had to upload them to Dropbox. Enjoy!!

This is his class coming in.  You will notice how excited he was to see us.  He continues to say "CHEESE" at the beginning of the song.

This was his favorite song of the day.  I love how at the end he sit and starts to clap.  His face cracks me up!
Happy Holidays

Christmas Star!

After this song of letters and their sound Cole announced to the audience he had made up a song and continued on with the letters and their sounds.  Had everyone chuckling.

Here is a pic of his class.

We finished our day with slushies.  His choice of treat.  I can't believe how quickly he is growing!  Sure love this boy!

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