Thursday, June 19, 2014

Baby Girl Time!

Baby girl Johnson born!!  So excited. She's perfect. 6lb 12oz. 19.25" long. Name coming. 

10 centimeters!  Off to get the dr!  Hopefully soon baby girl will be here. 

There goes the water!  Dr Holt is hoping for a baby within the next two hours. I've warned Scott that the blog responsibility might be passing on to him soon.  

Not much progress other then being able to get the sleep I missed out on last night!  Waiting for the dr. She should be here soon to break my water. She's hopeful things will go quickly after that. 

Epidural in. Ahhhhh. :)

Just saw Dr Holt. At a 3. Waiting for the epidural now. Sweet, sweet epidural!

So of course when I finally fall asleep they come in to start the meds. I'll take it though. Let's get her here!

3 am
Not a lot of sleep going on but a lot of contractions!  Hoping that speeds things up. Dr had said we should have a baby girl by noon. I thought that was optimistic at first but it might just happen!  Lol

Let's see if I can keep this going until baby girl comes.  We are all checked in to the hospital and the dr will be coming in around 8 to get me started!  Looking forward to seeing baby girl and getting this part over!


Lisa said...

Praying for her safe arrival! Can't wait to meet her!!!! Love you!

Preston, RaeAnne, and Camille Carson said...

Looking forward to seeing her cute pictures!!!

emblair said...

Hope you had a smooth delivery. Can't wait to hear what you decide for her name!! ;)