Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tate's Blessing

Trevor, Erin and their family came down from OK for the blessing. They arrived on Saturday and we had fun playing at Chik Fil A and the mall. When they came to the house the next morning Andrew did not feel very well. We headed off to church and before Andrew was able to get into the building he threw up. Trevor participated in the blessing and then he took his family back to OK. Andrew threw up the whole way home, but Erin was able to direct all of it into a bag. Good catching Erin!

Mom, Tate & Dad outside of church after blessing

Mom and Tate before blessing

Aunt Erin and Tate

Grandma Johnson received a call the day before the blessing and generously agreed to host the luncheon after the blessing. Since our house had someone with the rota virus we thought it best to go somewhere else. Thanks grandma!


Let's eat

Elaina was only interested in the cookies, but Grandma Knowles was able to get her to eat some food before dessert.

Everyone pitched in to get the food ready. Here is Grandpa Knowles cutting bread for sandwhiches. Ingrid and Jakki are taking a break.

Jared, Tami & Tate

Grandpa's supervising

Grandma Knowles made 5 different kinds of cookies for the blessing including sugar cookies. She also brought icing and sprinkles and all the kids had fun frosting, decorating and of course eating there cookies. Thanks grandma!

Lisa & Connor

Big bite Jared

Heather, mom and Hillary

We went to the zoo and Tate slept the entire time

Just my size!

Morgan's trip down ended her in the hospital with a virus. She came home Sunday and was feeling better.

Aunt Heather & Tate

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