Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tate's first chair

I'm 12 weeks old today!

Grandpa Knowles & Tate

Scott, Tate & Morgan

Heather & Morgan

Hey, this is fun!

I'm 2 months old today!

This is Tate's first day at church

Mom & Tate

First Superbowl

First bath

Time to wake up dad

Come on you guys. I can't hold my head up yet!

Just got home!

First ride in car seat

Grandpa Johnson with Tate


Big yawn.

Dad with Tate

Grandma Knowles with Tate

Grandma Johnson & Connor

Grandma Johnson, Connor & Lisa with Tate

1 comment:

Lisa said...

What a bug! He is so cute, I love the pictures of him in his chair and his BYU are definitely raising him right! I can't believe Tate is already 3 months old!
Keep the pictures coming, we love to see them.

Aunt Lisa