Sunday, July 22, 2012


We have been loving our time in Idaho.  The weather is great (even though I would love it to just always be 70) and the boys have loved being outside.  One of Tate's favorite parts of coming to Idaho is being able to go and see the cows.  On our first Sunday he happened to have my parent's neighbor as his Primary teacher.  She remembered Tate and his love of cows and told him she was the one with all the cows he always came to see.  He looked at her and asked if he could come see them again which she answered of course.  He then paused and asked if he could feed them.  She was very kind and said yes.  When we showed up the next day at the dairy she was ready for us with buckets of feed.  Tate had the best time putting food in for the cows to eat.  He was also able to pet 3 day old calves.  I informed them that in another 10 years they would have some good summer help!

Since we had a guided tour this year we had the opportunity to take the kids into the barn where they milked the cows.  They all thought that was pretty cool.

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