Friday, December 26, 2008


What a fun Christmas we had with Tate this year. It is amazing how slow it seems to take to come and how fast it is over. So much preparation for one day, but what a day! We were so excited to see Tate open his presents and of course he slept until 8:30. Scott wanted to wake him up, but we knew the most important thing was for him to be well rested so we would all enjoy the day! Scott had the video camera set up so we could record Tate come around the corner and seeing his Santa presents. He came to a complete stop when he saw Elmo and got a big smile. His favorite present was a set of cups that he could drink out of like a "big boy" and another set of cups to play with in the sink. The simple things in life that capture his attention! We hope all of you had as fun of a day as we did.

Tate loved his geo tracks.

Tate got a fuzzy backpack with a monkey. We immediately had to start running around the island pulling it behind us.

Cups! More water please.

There's Elmo. Thanks Santa!

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